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    US cars - What does 'no title' mean?

    So my garage is almost up which means for the first time in, well, ever, I've got a lot of dry space to play with my projects. And that needs filled. And I've always wanted an early 911. I'm not sure a backdate would cut it. So this year is going to be spent saving so that this time next year when I'm on thesamba I'm not going to be just dreaming. So I figure I've got a year to learn as much as I can about early 911s, get a feel for the 'scene' and then I should be in a good place to buy this time next year. But then I spotted this:

    And got to thinking. I can just about afford that just now. It's solid. I'd be building an outlaw anyway, so the lack of lots of bits isn't necessarily a problem - one crashed SC/3.2/whatever and some graft would see that almost there and, well, y'know...

    But what does 'no title' actually mean? Could I actually register that here? Could it leave the states? I wouldn't want to be importing something like that then ending up having to run a 'Q' 'plate or some other stupid thing.

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    I believe you can register it (not easy), but you won't be able to get it out of the US in the first place.

    No title would be the same as no V5. Not sure how it looses the title, not renewing the tags I guess.

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    So it's basically only any use for a stateside reshell, then. Bummer.

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    Contact your local DVLA office, they will know for sure. You'll probably be able to import it as parts but never be able to get it on the road. Some states allow the sale of cars with no title so check with DVLA to see what you would need to register it... receipt and proof of age I guess. The problem arises when it gets to US port though I believe... without a title it could be considered stolen.

    OR, you could contact shippers who ship stuff from the US regularly and see what they suggest... they must get this all the time?
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    The thought of speaking to the DVLA fills me with dread! I could give it a go, though. Importing it as parts would mean I'd end up using the shell to reshell a '70s or '80s car, and that brings a whole new world of pain. And the DVLA, again...
    I shall go and speak to people. Thanks for your help, though, Nef.

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    I've managed to import (and register) a car from the USA that had no title. I got a letter from the seller and a receipt which seemed to satisfy the American Customs guys and they let it leave. Once in the UK, I just got a dating letter/birth certificate from Porsche GB and along with an MOT and insurance managed to register it with no problem.

    My best advice would be to suggest you talk to Kingstown Shipping - they've pretty much covered EVERY eventuality in the many times they've shipped cars.

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    I was really hoping you'd pop in on this thread, Bri!
    Thanks for that - good to know someone's managed to do it.
    Had a good long chat with a good mate of mine yesterday - he's originally from Tucson and still has loads of contacts over there so he's putting the feelers out as well. I was green with envy when he was telling me about the '68 911 he found in someone's front garden and bought for $700. Yeah, it was ten years ago, and it needed welding, but even so...

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    the rule of thumb is dont buy a car with no title...most shippers will not touch the car and there will be issues with customs both sides.....Yea you can get them out...yes they can be registered but it's a lot harder and there is a risk the car is actually stolen (and the general view is no title means its a dodgy car)...basically would you buy a car with no V5?...
    This now gets even more complicated....recently the US regs changed and now the owner of the vehicle has to be present at the shippers when the vehicle is presented for shipping...the title is your proof you own the title no with everything titles are available from less scupuless sources but even then care is needed, Boyd Coddington and Jessie James are just 2 people who have been prosicuted in the us for dodgy titles in the last couple of years...
    If the car is gona need total resto then the only way it to bring it in as parts and then get it correctly registered after resto (may end up as a q then though)

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